Orange Blossom

In doing research for this post, I learned that Strawberry Shortcake fandom is NO JOKE! It's hardcore and very intense. There's merchandise, events, life-size costumes for adults and children, offshoot comics, cartoons, DVDs, and much much more.

I happened upon this character by accident this morning. I was watching some a.m. Doctor Who (couldn't sleep), went to turn up the volume, the remote flips to Strawberry Shortcake on another channel SOMEHOW, and onto the screen pops Orange Blossom. How fortuitous!

The Strawberry Shortcake franchise has existed for almost 30 years - and my aunt, Felicia, LOVED the series, even going as far to insist on being called Strawberry Shortcake as a child. Strawberry Shortcake is an institution and the fandom is EVERYWHERE.

On to Orange Blossom. There are two iterations of this character - the first in the cartoon that premiered in the 1980s - the second in the 2003 reboot of the program. In the 1980s version, Orange Blossom is an urban artist from what I assume is NYC (in the show referred to as Big Apple City - and the show is filled with names like that. The characters live in places like Strawberry Land, Cookie Corners, and Huckleberry Briar. It's all very twee.), with a pet butterfly named Marmalade. In the 2003 series, she lives in Orange Blossom Acres in an orange tree shaped house.


Claudia said...

Wow, what a blast from the past. I remember Orange Blossom!

PurpleZoe said...

Serious props. How could I forget Orange Blossom? I was hyped on Strawberry Shortcake [even made radio-shows] on my cassette in a bunch of different voices. Those were the days.

Bless your blog. Love the focus.

Shine on

Anonymous said...

love, this blog of arts and persons blacks send me news... thank you..peace.

Zs said...

Yay Orange Blossom, I made a polyvore set inspired by her, check it out

Unknown said...

I remember Orange Blossom in the 80s. She was the only one whose scent was not borderline toxic. Thanks for the pics.

Anonymous said...

I absolutley loved Orange Blossom! I had a Strwaberry Shortcake bedroom set including curtains and pillows in the shape of the characters. Even had a birthday party with the them (1985) :)