Lois Lane!

Yes, there was a Black Lois Lane, who knew??? Actually, I hate to disappoint you, but the real Lois Lane goes on an undercover reporting assignment about slum conditions in a neighborhood called Little Africa disguised as a Black Woman. Yea... she's in Black Face. I have nothing more to say.

I take that back... there is a redeeming message in the issue. It goes like this: Lois wants to report on the issues affecting this community, but the neighborhood doesn't trust her so she goes in disguise, at which point she is granted their trust and acceptance. Along the way, she meets a Black guy named Dave who gets shot and needs a transfusion but the hospital runs out of his blood type, which just happens to be Lois's blood type. The issue ends with Superman saying, "If he still hates you... with your blood in his veins... there may never be peace in this world!" They all get along in the end.