Skyrocket's given name is Cecelia Forrestal and she is a scientific genius that created a suit called the Argo Harness which gives her the power to fly, harness untold amounts of energy, and shoot out blast beams. Any attack by fire, radioactivity, heat or electricity is absorbed and makes the suit more powerful. Skyrocket first appeared in the Justice League of America in 2002. Her character has a very interesting history: She was in the Air Force but hit a glass ceiling because of her gender and race so she left and went to work for her parents, the founder of Argo Technologies. Later she worked for the POWER COMPANY to perfect the Argo Harness and use it for good, as many people were tempted to use it's power for evil.


Anonymous said...

i always new the iron patriout(norman osborne) was a black lady

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Just another stereotypical hero but enjoyable! incredible post thank you !

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That is a really cool character, we need more new heroes in the comics, too many of the same already.

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