Callisto is also played by actress Dania Ramirez, so she's tied with Halle for how many superheroines she's portrayed; the two appeared in X-Men: The Last Stand together. I should also mention that I have a personal affinity for all things X-Men related. I was OBSESSED with the cartoon as a kid of the 90s and I still watch it on Toon Disney, even though they're BOGUS for only showing it at midnight and 1:30am - probably because they know all the people who love the show are adults now lol. But I've seriously digressed. On to Callisto: She has superhuman senses, heightened strength, speed and agility, accelerated healing abilities, and can sense mutants' powers and their magnitude - an ability she uses to locate other mutants. At some point, she got tentacled arms. She wasn't written as a Black character, but I'll take them where I can get them lol. In the cartoon, she was the leader of an underground group of deformed mutants called the Morlocks - she wanted to capture Cyclops to reproduce with her and rule by her side.

Here's a clip of Storm and Callisto fighting:


Karen said...

Wicked cool!

Anonymous said...

Actually, it was The Angel, Warren Worthington III, she wanted to mate/rule with. I think Cyclops was used instead for the cartoon.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen Storm on this blog... ?????????? she's arguably the famous black heroine.