Scratch from - a sketch blog - has created this amazing vintage-inspired illustration based on b.vikki vintage posts (my other blog). I love comics and I love vintage, so this is right up my alley. Any converging of the two is a welcome treat. The hair and the dress are pitch perfect. And her face... She's fiiiieeerrce!

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Negro Romance Comics - 1950

Two of my interests converged! Black comics and vintage African-American images!

For that reason, this post is a crossover on both my Black Superheroines blog and on b.vikki vintage.

I'd never heard of the 1950 Fawcett Publications comic Negro Romance until about two weeks ago, and still, I haven't been able to find any images from within its three issues. But the cover photography is charming.

Fawcett published 3 issues of Negro Romance on a bi monthly schedule between June and October of 1950, with the second issue being reprinted by Charlton as Negro Romances # 4 dated May 1955.

Unfortunately, that is about as much as I've been able to find about the Negro Romance series. There's lots of regurgitation of the tidbits above around the internet, but no information to add. And apparently, becuase of their obscurity and rarity, the Negro Romance issues sell for hundreds of dollars each.