Firstly, Did anyone else hear that Disney is buying Marvel for $4 billion??? What a way to start the day! I don't know how to feel about this. I just hope Disney doesn't try to anesthetize my comics!

On to Vibrania. The more involved a character history, the more invested in that character I become - which explains my interest in Vibrania (who first appears in 1990 alongside Marvel's Speedball in Marvel Super-Heroes vol. 3 #4). Vibrania's entire history is invented: she comes from the fictional African nation Kwarrai and was paralyzed, but also ultimately granted her powers (and name) by the alloy Vibranium, a metal which only exists in the Marvel Universe (the same Vibranium of which Captain America's shield is comprised).

Vibrania's powers include the abilities to project Vibranium blasts (???) , affect the Earth's plates and create targeted tectonic shifts to distract her opponents, and surround herself with a Vibranium force field.

Vibrania's first exposure the the fictional element occurred after an encounter in her father's lab left her paralyzed and wheel-chair bound, unable to move from the waist down. After an Earthquake destroyed her home land and killed many of her loved ones, the latent effects of her exposure were made evident.

Susie Carmichael

Cree Summer strikes again!

This time with Rugrats character Susie Carmichael ( Susanna "Susie" Yvonne Carmichael - I used to LOVE that show!). On Rugrats Susie was the daughter of fictional show Dummi Bear's writer, Randy Carmichael, and pilot, La Cordon Bleu trained chef, and doctor, Lucy Carmichael.

Susie's character had a rivalry with Angelica, had a short lived spin-off titled The Carmichaels, and was featured (not prominently) on Rugrats: All Grown Up, in which she was a teenage singer and entertainer.


Krystalin (Krys Porter/Ruth Kristen) first appears in X-Men (2099) #1. She has the ability to gather and consolidate mineral content from the atmosphere into hardened crystals that she can, in turn, use as weapons or to encase and freeze an enemy.