Lana Kane

Nothing like a new post for the new year!

This time from a cartoon that hasn't even premiered yet. FX's new series Archer - premiering this Thursday - features a secret agent named Lana Kane, voiced by the very funny and talented Aisha Tyler.

From FX's website:

Strong, voluptuous and often exasperated, Lana Kane is a star agent at ISIS as well as Sterling's former girlfriend. Lana has a penchant for adult films and is currently dating ISIS comptroller Cyril Figgis, to the mystification of her colleagues.

Most people first fell for Aisha Tyler's unique brand of comedy while watching her host E!'s Emmy-winning pop culture crucible Talk Soup. As the first woman and first African-American to host the show, she instantly became a comedic cult icon.

This show isn't kid friendly, so watch the video below at THIS link at your own discretion. Personally, I think the show looks hilarious. I'll definitely be giving it a chance.