Det. Wanda 'Synaethesia' Jackson is a detective and possesses the unique talents that come along with the condition, synesthesia - she literally sees sounds (Like the NERD album lol). It's a condition where all 5 senses are interconnected and often mixed up... so when you touch something of a certain texture or hear a specific noise, you get a corresponding taste in your mouth... just an example. This makes her a keen detective as she can see colorful auras around suspicious people. Syn also has mild psychic and precognitive abilities.


This is unrelated, but I used to LOVE Animorphs as a kid and Cassie was one of my favorite characters. She's an empath and can sense the feelings, intentions, and motivations of others before they can themselves. She can also morph into many animals - including a wolf. Her parents are veterinarians and Cassie is a vegetarian and environmentalist.


Debrii first appeared in Marvel's New Warriors. She has the ability to move objects around her through telekinetic magnetism. She can move things one at a time or create a cyclone-like mass of debris around herself to defend from attacks.

Shondra Kinsolving

Shondra Kinsolving is Batman's therapist. She has the ability to heal metaphysically, is psychic, and can also use her powers to kill when in the presence of other powerful metahumans.