Maxine Gibson

Seriously? Does Cree Summer voice EVERY black female cartoon character? I'm just going to go out on a limb and say - almost.

I'm exaggerating, but only a LITTLE BIT. That's the crazy part.

Which brings me to Maxine Gibson, 17-year-old computer genius from the cartoon Batman Beyond. Maxine uses her technological abilities to try to uncover Batman's secret identity - in the process, she got tangled up with a suspected emissary of the Joker, from who Batman saved her... so now she works with Batman, lending her expertise to his crime-solving arsenal.

Nancy Woods

Archie = Comic book CLASSIC! It spawned Betty & Veronica, Josie and the Pussycats, countless teen lifestyle comics, and more.

Nancy Woods was Archie's only Black Female character and also appears in Betty and Veronica. She attends the same high school as the comic's three other main characters, Betty, Veronica, and Midge.

Nancy's original last name in the comic was Harris.

Wanda & Cyan Fitzgerald (Zealot) + Granny Blake

Three generations of Black Female comic book characters in one post!

Wanda, Cyan, and Granny Blake appear in the Image Comic Spawn. Wanda was Al Simmons' wife (who the bastard abused!) before he died and reappeared as Spawn. Wanda remarried Al's friend after his death and had a daughter, Cyan, who - in an alternate future - becomes Zealot. Granny Blake is Wanda's mother.

Cyan as Zealot: