Det. Wanda 'Synaethesia' Jackson is a detective and possesses the unique talents that come along with the condition, synesthesia - she literally sees sounds (Like the NERD album lol). It's a condition where all 5 senses are interconnected and often mixed up... so when you touch something of a certain texture or hear a specific noise, you get a corresponding taste in your mouth... just an example. This makes her a keen detective as she can see colorful auras around suspicious people. Syn also has mild psychic and precognitive abilities.


Unknown said...

So cool. I have always loved the word synaesthesia. It just flows like water and people look at you sideways whenever you say it, it actually does sound like a name!
I read that a lot of born synaesthetes dont realize they are different, they assume everyone sees sounds, tastes colors, and thinks letters have feelings. I love to read about things like that.


Hey there!!

I am sooo glad that I stumbled upon your blog in my travels through the blogosphere!

Synaesthesia...we will now have babies with that name, just wait and see!