Wanda & Cyan Fitzgerald (Zealot) + Granny Blake

Three generations of Black Female comic book characters in one post!

Wanda, Cyan, and Granny Blake appear in the Image Comic Spawn. Wanda was Al Simmons' wife (who the bastard abused!) before he died and reappeared as Spawn. Wanda remarried Al's friend after his death and had a daughter, Cyan, who - in an alternate future - becomes Zealot. Granny Blake is Wanda's mother.

Cyan as Zealot:


samax said...

Todd McFarlane deserves to be credited for treating black people as regular folks in his comics, not as stereotypes.

as such, i will forgive that HORRIBLE movie (ugh!)

Anonymous said...

u;ve got to admit it's the first time in a while that i've read a comic book that features black pepole where i din't feal every line was cliche(like the venom knock off Hybrid.) for once the story was just plain normal.

also the movie got me into the comic books dig? even if a movie based on somthing sucks it ussaly does get a lot of attetnion around what ever the movies is based off of. hell im only into comic books because of the cartoons that were made about them

Anonymous said...

"may cyan how you've grown"

safemeds said...

Those comments are fabulous! I'm a collector and I would like to have that numbers.

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