Sandra "Moonday" Hawke briefly dated Oliver Queen, the first Green Arrow. Their tryst led to a pregnancy and the birth of Connor Hawke, who often acted as Green Arrow in his father's absence. Sandra is the daughter of a Korean war veteran and farmer, Nathan Hawke. Because of several misunderstandings and his interpreting her wanting a more serious relationship as a ploy to get money, Oliver and Sandra's love life was often tempestuous. Moonday later remarried a man named Milo Armitage, an arms dealer she, rather than divorcing, decide to abandon in Africa... She also happens to be a half-Korean, former hippie, model, and actress.


mmcelhaney said...

Woah! I didn't know Oliver Queen's son was part black!

Rebecca V. O'Neal said...

I know... The blond hair really throws people off. Connor Hawk is Black, Korean, and Irish... go figure!