Ant - Hannah Washington

I've been through the stories, powers, and histories of over 100 Black Female Superheroes and Ant is definitely among my favorites. She's one of the only Black Female comic book characters I've found that is the star of her own book series.

Her story is that of a troubled and traumatized 8-year old girl whose father is sentenced to the death penalty for armed robbery, causing young Hannah to write in her diary obsessively as a means of escape. In her writings, she creates an adult alter-ego for herself that she names Ant. She becomes so outwardly consumed by these fantasies that she blacks out and ends up in a mental institution. Hannah wakes up as an adult in the institution with memories of her life as Ant - not sure if they're real or figments of her imagination. She has superhuman speed and strength as well as antennae that enhance her senses and an exoskeleton that acts as an impenetrable shield as long as her blood sugar level is maintained; if her blood sugar drops, her defenses are weakened.

What I like most about Ant's story, besides the element of escapism, is how sexy her character is - without being kitchy. As the series progresses, the subjects and visuals become decidedly more risque, but it's not without purpose.

Read it if you get the chance.