Jasika Nicole

I love the show Fringe and the talented (and adorable) actress who plays Astrid (aka Asteroid, Asterisk, etc), Jasika Nicole.

Not only is Jasika Nicole a gifted actress - she's also an exceptionally skilled artist. Even if I weren't already a fan of hers, I'd love her illustrations.

Here's a great interview with Jasika over at YMIB. The interviewer terms Jasika's drawings 'urban fairies' - and that fits 100%. Her characters are so dainty, fresh, and FLY - just like the artist herself.

EDIT - another great interview at PinkRayGun - she talks about her hair and her comic. & another she did with ClutchMag.


Jasika is also working on a comic book called 'High Yella Magic' - the creative process of which is being documented at her blog - sugarbooty.blogspot.com.

Did I mention that we're hair-twins???? What's not to love about Jasika Nicole?

She also dances and appeared as Egypt in the movie Take the Lead - which I enjoyed... she stuck out in that movie as my favorite character (THE SNEAKERS!!!! THE HAIR!!! THE DRESSS!!!). Now it all makes sense.


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Karen said...

Why is Fringe M.I.A.? I haven't seen any new episodes in like a month. Jaskika is cool though.

Rebecca V. O'Neal said...

New episodes are coming up on April 11th! I can't wait!