Introducing Friday Foster!

Where do I start with Friday Foster? Firstly, she's OFFICIALLY my favorite Black Female comic character. She's no 'superhero'; she's even better.

The 'Friday Foster' comic strip first appeared in early 1970s issues of the Chicago Tribune and was syndicated across the country - eventually providing inspiration for the 1975 film by the same name starring Pam Grier in the title role.

The character Friday Foster was an assistant photographer at a New York fashion magazine who used her charm, wit, and street smarts to moonlight as a detective.

And she ALWAYS got her shot.

I've been reading vintage strips online for the past few days and they are pretty awesome. She's feisty, she's beautiful, she has IMPECCABLE fashion sense, she jet sets around the world - what's not to love?

She even has her own doll!

Here are some of my favorite looks from the strips I've read so far:


If you register at this website (it's free) you can read HUNDREDS of Friday Foster comic strips in their entirety from 1970 to 1974 - just search for 'Friday Foster'. Large vintage collections of the original strips in good conditions go for thousands of dollars at auction.


Ruby said...

Her outfits are FLY! Love it :)

Atomic Kommie Comics said...

Check out my site for a brief history of the character as well as some kool kollectibles!

Steve S. said...

when I was young I loved reading about Friday Foster as well as many of the old ones ( Dick Tracy, Smokey Stover, lil Abner etc,....)but I loved Friday and her adventures

Anonymous said...

Friday Foster was a favorite of mine growing up reading it in the New York Daily News. This strip is truly historical and deserves a book collection.

Nick Caputo